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Meet Valerie the Forklift!

In 2014, The Port Authority of Greater Oklahoma City approved the Citizen Potawatomi Nation's Iron Horse Industrial Park designation application to become a Foreign Trade Zone.

Valerie Devol of Devol & Associates has played an instrumental role as Tax Counsel in the economic development of the Foreign Trade Zone since its establishment. Her dedicated work with various companies and governments in Canada, Columbia, Australia, and many others, has lifted numerous obstacles and paved the way for the growth of new industries in Pottawatomie County.

It is only fitting that a forklift at the Iron Horse Industrial Park is the namesake of Valerie Devol commemorating her incredible hard work and dedication to the Foreign Trade Zone. This past month Valerie had the pleasure of visiting the Foreign Trade Zone for a meeting with Australian Consuls to further talks of economic development. While meeting with the Australian Consuls, she was delighted to share a moment with them and the forklift with her namesake.

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